2020 House of Delegates Meeting Summary


The Speaker of the House, Christine Williams, RHIA, welcomed the 221 delegates and guests to the first Digital AHIMA House of Delegates meeting at 12:05 pm CT.

The GHIMA President, Stephanie Mercer, RHIT, CSS, welcomed the delegates.

 Speaker’s Message

Ms. Williams announced the new 2021 AHIMA Nominating Committee members, 2021 Speaker-elect and the new 2021 AHIMA Board of Directors, as well as the 2020 Board of Directors. The agenda was reviewed.

AHIMA Chief Executive Officer’s Annual Report

Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Ph.D, CAE, AHIMA Chief Executive Officer, provided an update on the activities of AHIMA based on the association’s purpose “to commit to the excellence in the management of health information for the benefits of patients and providers.”  Dr Harris also discussed AHIMA’s new platform for online communities, ACCESS, launching in early 2021, as well as updates on the AHIMA Foundation and AHIMA International activities.

Financial Report

The AHIMA Board Treasurer, Jennifer Mueller, MBA, RHIA, FACHE, FAHIMA and AHIMA Vice President of Finance, Breian Meakens, presented a year-to-date report of the financial status of AHIMA.

AHIMA President/Chair Report

AHIMA President/Chair Ginna Evans, MBA, RHIA, CPC, CRC, FAHIMA, reviewed the role of the House in strengthening the profession, and the importance of business intelligence, as well as the activities AHIMA has accomplished related to the AHIMA Strategic Plan.

Strategic Pathfinders Sessions

Six breakout sessions were held for Delegates to attend and react to assumptions on the future of health information topics and help inform AHIMA’s future through management of health information:

  1. Taking the Lead in Data Governance
  2. The Future of Patient Identification and Matching
  3. The Role of the HI Professional in Shaping Health Equity
  4. Public Health, Ethics, and Health Information
  5. Revenue Cycle Challenges for Health Information
  6. Telehealth in the Future

Notes from these breakout sessions are available under the ? link on arhima.org website

 Governance Task Force Report

AHIMA Past President, Valerie Watzlaf, Ph.D., MPH, RHIA, FAHIMA provided an update on the Governance Task Force’s findings and recommendations, and plans based on the recommendations. Information on this is available on Engage in the State Leaders and House Community library resource folder 2020 House of Delegates Meeting.

Call to Action Sessions

Two Call to Actions Sessions were held:

  • Professional Enhancement Campaign and Advocating for the Profession-Delegates furthered their understanding of the professional enhancement campaign and the tools available and learned how they can be champions of and spokespeople for the campaign in their communities so that they are equipped to train members. Delegates shared their personal brand narrative on the State Leaders and House of Delegates Community.
  • Patient Matching Naming Policy-

Delegates gained knowledge on the recommended naming policy, why it is important, and how to champion it within their CAs for education and organizational adoption. Delegates took the AHIMA Naming Policy Pledge.

Annual Business Meeting Review

The Speaker of the House reviewed the action items and Robert’s Rules of Order. The report of the Credentials Committee was presented by the House Speaker-elect and adopted. There were 221 voting members of the House representing 51 component associations.  A quorum was present. The Speaker of the House introduced the persons serving the House and resource persons.

The 2020 Standing Rules of the House were adopted as written.

The agenda for the 2020 House of Delegates meeting was adopted as written.

House Action Items

The Delegates deliberated and voted on action items submitted to the House.

  1. Action Item: Article III, 3.1; Article VII, 7.2
  2. Action Item: Article IV Members, 4.8-4.10
  3. Action Item: Article VII, House of Delegates 7.1-7.2
  4. Action Item: Article IV Members, 4.3-4.5
  5. Action Item: Article VII Members, 7.7
  6. Action Item: Article IV Members, 4.2

Revisions include:

  • Inclusion of AHIMA’s mission, empowering people to impact health, in Section 3.1.
  • Revising Article IV Members
    • Language under Section 4.2 and members eligibility for CA participation
    • Changing the number of member types in Section 4.3 from five to two: Professional and Student.
    • Updating information on member meetings, Sections 4.8-4.10
  • Changing language for Article VII House of Delegates, Section 7.1 Purpose, Section 7.2 Meetings, and Section 7.7 Powers and Duties

A revised version of the AHIMA Bylaws will be made available on the AHIMA Body of Knowledge soon.

Summary of the Strategic Pathfinders Sessions

Speaker-elect of the House, Aurae Beidler, MHA, RHIA, CHPS, CHC recapped the identified future opportunities for AHIMA and its members. Notes from these sessions are available under the ? link on arhima.org website.

New Business/Recognition

No new business was brought forward. Ms. Williams thanked the volunteers for the 2019-2020 term and thanked the Strategic Pathfinders Sessions facilitators.

TxHIMA Invitation to the 2021 AHIMA Conference and House of Delegates Meeting

TxHIMA President, Keisha M. Tolbert, MAM, RHIA, CHPS, invited members to the 2021 House Meeting and AHIMA21 Conference in Houston, TX in September 2021.

Closing Comments from Incoming Speaker of the House

Aurae Beidler, MHA, RHIA, CHC, CHPS, Speaker-elect, shared goals for the 2020 House with continuing work on transformation and being transformational leaders. Leaders need to be agile, able to make decisions quickly, knowledgeable about HIM topics, and be innovative. The Speaker role is to help be the bi-directional voice and build a business continuity model and a clear vision for 2021.


The meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm CT.