AHIMA Apprenticeship Program

Hello ArHIMA!

I wanted to pass on some time-sensitive information about the AHIMA Apprenticeship Program. This is a great way for you or your staff to increase your knowledge and skills. Training modules for the Apprenticeship Program have been developed for the following: 

  • Hospital Coder / Coding Professional 
  • Medical Coder / Biller 
  • Professional Fee Coder 
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Privacy and Security Officer 

The last form in the attachment lists the steps to get started with the program as well as program contact information. 

Let me provide you with a little information about the Apprenticeship Program. The AHIMA Foundation received a $5 million grant in September of 2015. This grant was to promote workforce readiness in Health Information Management (HIM). The apprenticeship model is a new concept to healthcare and a very new concept to HIM. The goal of the funding is to support up to 1,000 apprentices. 

The program is employer focused. The individual must be employed. The grant pays for training–not salary. The apprentice works with a mentor at the job site. The employee’s position does not need to be a new position. You can hire a new employee, but it can be an existing employees. The employer registers through AHIMA, lists the roles in which it is interested, and the employee signs up and agrees. The Medical/Coder program includes about 550 hours of training and requires a high school diploma. The other programs include about 150 hours of training. 

If either the employer or the employee note that the program is not working, there is no risk. No money has to be paid back to AHIMA, and the apprentice does not have to return the textbooks. 

Again, the grant pays for training–not salary. The apprentice will complete on-line modules. The program pays for the training, textbooks, and also the first attempt for a credentialing exam. 

The grant and technical training ends September 2020. So the time is now to enhance your HIM skills! 

For more information, please see December’s webinar “CSA Gatekeepers to Employers and Apprenticeships.” 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Kind regards,

Sara Daniel 
ArHIMA President

Apprenticeship Program Information

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