AHIMA “Living the Pledge” Campaign and CA Competition

We are excited to present to you the AHIMA Naming Policy “Living the Pledge” campaign and competition. The campaign and CA competition will run until Friday, August 20th.

Many ArHIMA members in 2020 took the pledge to advocate and educate members on the importance of naming policies in our healthcare organizations. Now it is HIM professionals’ time to be heard!!

We encourage members to share their stories, good and bad, on the focus of patient matching. Share a good story on how you improved the communication at your organization. Share a bad story on why this is such an important topic in our profession. AHIMA and ArHIMA need to hear from you. If you have encountered a data conversion, merger with an organization, patient portal, registration and scripting, or identity theft, chances are there is a patient matching/naming policy connection.

Example: We didn’t have a policy committee in my organization, so we formed a multi-department group led by HIM and we developed a charter and work plan. Our first policy that we are working on is a naming convention policy.

Did you know that AHIMA has a Naming Policy?

We hope you will participate in the “Living the Pledge” Campaign and CA Competition!

Share your story by August 20th!