Coding Roundtable Message – Mentoring Matters

Melissa Zavadil, RHIT, CCS, COC, CRC

Are you new to the HIM field and looking for guidance? Are you interested in helping others and sharing your knowledge with the next generation of HIM leaders?  How about another 2021 New Year’s resolution to add to your list?  Then let me draw your attention to the AHIMA’s mentor program.  The program is available only to AHIMA members however it an excellent opportunity to break into the volunteer programs and help others get the start they need in this career pathway.

Everyone can feel overwhelmed with too many priorities at times. We all have family priorities, social priorities, and work priorities. And then there are volunteer priorities, the ones we impose on ourselves by carving out some of our personal time or resources to contribute to the good of our organization and professional growth.

If you are enrolling as a mentor, your mentees will be primarily students and new members. Many are looking for guidance about everything from landing their first jobs to next steps for advancing their careers.  As a mentor, you will be there to offer industry and career advice, and sometimes just to listen.

As a mentee, you have the ability to search through our database of experienced mentors who are available to answer your questions, provide insight, and offer guidance on advancing your career in HIM.

I challenge you to serve as an effective mentor or professional role model for a new HIM professional.  The Arkansas Coding Roundtable committee of volunteers are available to assist you in finding the right fit that works for mentor and mentee.

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, email me at