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Claiborne Memorial Medical Center


The Health Information Director is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the operations of the facility’s Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management (HIM). The HIM Director is responsible for providing direct leadership support to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Nursing Officer with particular emphasis on achieving business efficiencies while improving productivity within all aspects of operations, both financial and clinical performance.

Job Description:


  1. Support administration in the development and implementation of the hospital’s mission, vision, and overall goals.
  2. Develop and monitor human resources within the department to assure the department is efficiently and effectively providing patient support services. This includes the hiring process, an effective department orientation program, providing ongoing educational opportunities, honest performance evaluations, counseling when indicated, and termination when needed.
  3. Provide strong leadership by establishing high standards, leading by example, rewarding good behavior, and holding departmental staff accountable when they fail to meet the needs and expectations of the hospital.
  4. Communicate departmental and hospital-wide issues in a timely and effective manner to all departmental staff using multiple communication mediums. This includes monthly departmental meetings, memos, e-mails, phone calls, and one-on-one training.
  5. Develop, monitor and maintain an annual departmental budget, three-year capital equipment estimate, and strategic planning goals.
  6. Develop and maintain policies and procedures that clearly define the operational and interdepartmental guidelines of the department. Ensuring current knowledge of industry best practices and their applicability to CMMC.
  7. Manage equipment and supplies to make sure the department has the tools needed to provide patient support services and to assure resources are used wisely.
  8. Evaluates bi-weekly payroll and departmental operations monthly for adherence to administrative, budgetary and strategic planning goals.
  9. Advocate and ensure participation in interdepartmental activities, focusing on process improvements and achieving hospital-wide goals.


  1. Working as a line manager, directs the health information management functions of the healthcare system.
  2. Monitors health information management systems and sets the healthcare system’s standards for data quality and ethical practice.
  3. Participates in the development of health information management policies and procedures on release of information, confidentiality, information security, information storage and retrieval, and record retention.
  4. Documents and enforces the healthcare system’s health information management policies and procedures.
  5. Provides education and training to the hospital’s employees in areas relevant to health information management policies and procedures.
  6. Monitors changes in legislation and accreditation standards that affect health information management.
  7. Serves as an internal consultant on health information management issues including release of information, confidentiality, information security, information storage and retrieval, and record retention as well as the authorship and authentication of health record documentation, standardization of medical vocabularies, and use of classification systems.
  8. Performs and reports research on topics related to revenue cycle management.
  9. Develops and implements the organization’s performance improvement plan in accordance with the mission and strategic goals of the organization, federal and state laws and regulations, and accreditation standards.
  10. Develops and implements systems, policies, and procedures for the identification, collection, and analysis of performance measurement data.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management is required.
  • Certification as an RHIA, required.
  • Knowledge of medical reimbursement, billing, coding and compliance regulations is required.
  • Knowledge of out-of-network and managed care reimbursement techniques.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are necessary.
  • Proven ability to work well with and influence peers, sales teams, and management.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Minimum of two years supervisory experience, preferred.
  • Experience presenting to and working directly with C-level executives and work team.

Education Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management is required.
  • Certification as an RHIA, required.

Instructions for Resume Submission:

Please submit your resume to hr@claibornemedical.com.

Apply Online: https://claibornemedical.com/apply-online/

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