Career Insights from ArHIMA Past Presidents

As an organization, we feel that we can all learn something from each other, but this can only be done if we share a little bit about ourselves with one another. Therefore, we developed “Career Insights from Past Presidents” where an ArHIMA Past President will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences. The depth of knowledge within this group is something we should all be proud of. ArHIMA is proud of our members and honored to hear their career insights.

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2022-2023 – Melissa Zavadil, RHIT, CCS, CPMA, CRC, COC

2021-2022 – Tina Cikanek, MBA, RHIA, CCS

2017-2018 – Tonya Mays, MSHI, RHIA, CCS

2015-2016 – Dana Williams, MSHI, RHIA, CHP, CHC

2003-2004 – Chris Merle, MS, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CCDS, CRC

1993-1994 – Melinda Wilkins, PhD, RHIA, FAHIMA

1987-1988 – Susan Wallace, MEd, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CCDS, CRC, FAHIMA

1984-1985 – Susan Parker, MEd, RHIA, FAHIMA (Retired)