October 2022 Member Spotlight

Lori Lewis, RHIA, CHC, CHRC, CCA

Professional Shares

Where do you work and what is your job title?
Baptist Health-Ft Smith; Senior Facility Compliance / Privacy Associate

How long have you been a member of ArHIMA?
I’ve been an ArHIMA member since 1992.

What certification types have you received or are seeking to receive?

Which college/university did you attend?
I attended Westark and ATU.

What made you decide to pursue a career in HIM?
After graduating high school, I began working as a medical records file clerk. After a few short-term directors, Helen Whitledge was hired as the medical records director. Helen was a leader and a teacher. And so, my journey began.

What other jobs and/or titles have you held prior to the present one?
HIM Director, coder, and medical staff coordinator

What are some of your responsibilities at your current position?
For compliance, my responsibilities include auditing and monitoring. For privacy, I conduct and complete investigations.

What is a typical day like for you?
I try to structure my day 50% compliance and 50% privacy.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy that no two days are the same.

Any other professional tidbit(s) you want to include?
Always do the right thing – someone is always watching.

Personal Shares

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is pizza.

What’s something about you (a fun fact) not many people know?
I bake my grandmother’s pumpkin bread recipe in the coffee tins she gave me 28 years ago.

What’s your favorite family tradition?
My favorite family tradition is making my grandmother’s pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving.

Who had the most influence on you growing up?
My mother had the most influence in my life.

What was the first concert you ever attended?
I don’t recall who but it was at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?
Mind your own business and don’t get involved.

Do you like to cook? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?
I like to bake. My favorite thing to bake is a Hershey chocolate cake.

If you could get on a plane tonight and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Where is one place in Arkansas you would suggest people to visit?
The Scott Family Amazeum in Bentonville. If you don’t have a young person to take, borrow a friend’s young child.

Any other personal tidbit(s) you want to include?
Be the best person you can be each day because it could be your last day.