Scholarship Recipients

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1980-81 Established Annual Scholarship Award
1981-82 One applicant submitted at February Board Meeting. Final selection to be announced at Annual Banquet in May. No record of recipient.
1982-83 Applicant packets reviewed and discussed at February Board Meeting. Final selection to be announced at annual banquet. No record of recipient.
1983-84 No Scholarship awarded.
1984-85 Vicki Rice – Undergraduate Scholarship
1985-86 Sandra Smith – Graduate Scholarship
Andra Zach – Undergraduate Scholarship
1986-87 Susan Wallace – Graduate Scholarship
Staci Young – Undergraduate Scholarship
Chela Gossett – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
1987-88 Karen Gortemiller – Graduate Scholarship
Twilla Tate – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
1988-89 Jeanna Bradley – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
1989-90 Sabra Ferguson – Graduate Scholarship
Gage-David R. Hanson – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Beverly Dawn Vaught – ArMRA MRT Scholarship
1990-91 Jamie Kay Dobyns – ArMRA MRT Scholarship
Pam Nash – ArMRA MRT Scholarship
Annette Carr – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Angela Ballentine – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
1991-92 Lori Armstrong – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Shelly Glenn – ArMRA MRT Scholarship
Annette Carr – Lanier Corporation MRA Scholarship
Margaret Miller – Lanier Corporation MRT Scholarship
1992-93 Darla Whitten – Graduate Scholarship
Jennifer Martin – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Lisa Ingle – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Rhonda Pearson – Lanier Corporation ART Scholarship
Cathy Bradshaw – Lanier Corporation RRA Scholarship
1993-94 Darla Sparacino – Graduate Scholarship
Donna Caldwell – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Linda Miller – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Debra Nickerson – Lanier Corporation ART Scholarship
Jennifer Huggins – Lanier Corporation RRA Scholarship
Shannon Hathcote – Custom Information Systems Scholarship
Clark Chaffin – Mid-South Microfilm Scholarship
Ward Schexnayder – Mid-South Microfilm Scholarship
1994-95 Tasi Woffard – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Lisa Lyn Tousan – Faye Arnold Scholarship
1995-96 Tasi Wyatt – Graduate Scholarship
Angela Socha – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Theresa Wilson – Faye Arnold Scholarship
1996-97 Kelly Joseph – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Chris Smith – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Angela Socha – Mid-South Microfilm Scholarship
Cathy Hogg – Mid-South Microfilm Scholarship
Betty Bean – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Julie Spear – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Kelly Joseph – Dictaphone Scholarship
Chris Smith – Dictaphone Scholarship
1997-98 Robin Fagala – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Barbara Scott – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Julie Meimerstorf – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Martha Goldthorpe – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
1998-99 Karen Fairbanks – Graduate Scholarship
Amy Fredrick – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Shawna Barnett – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Rebecca Berg – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Kina Phillips – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Amber Moody – American Imaging Scholarship
Sara Cox – American Imaging Scholarship
1999-00 Chris Merle – Graduate Scholarship
Angela Kirby – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Kara Rye – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Frances Newstead – Lanier Corporation Scholarship
Amber Moody – Digital Voice, Inc. Scholarship
Sherrina Bitzer – American Imaging Scholarship
LaToya Phillips – American Imaging Scholarship
Lisa Perks – American Imaging Scholarship
Sara Cox – American Imaging Scholarship
2000-01 Erin Renfroe – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Diane Rogers – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Michele Starkey – DVI Scholarship
Rhonda Little – American Imaging Scholarship
Lisa Perks – American Imaging Scholarship
Angela Jones – American Imaging Scholarship
Sherrina Bitzer – American Imaging Scholarship
Stacy Schriver – American Imaging Scholarship
2001-02 contact with missing information
2002-03 contact with missing information
2003-04 contact with missing information
2004-05 Heather Hull – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Jain Sutton – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Rachel Mesko
Amanda Robbins
Jacque Estlinbaum
Heather Campbell
2005-06 Beth Hayes – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Jain Sutton – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Nena Jones – American Imaging Scholarship
2006-07 Shallen Smith – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Nena Jones – American Imaging Scholarship
2007-08 Michelle Curtis – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Yvonne Rogers – Faye Arnold Scholarship
2008-09 Cassidy Roland – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Michelle Curtis – American Imaging Scholarship
Susan Neumier – American Imaging Scholarship
Cassidy Roland – American Imaging Scholarship
2009-10 Mycah Patrick – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Mycah Patrick – American Imaging Scholarship
2010-11 Jennifer Parker – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Denese Diggs – Faye Arnold Scholarship
2011-12 Jamie Caudell – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
2012-13 Michelle Curtis – Graduate Scholarship
Margaret Williams – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Paula Grant – Faye Arnold Scholarship
2013-14 Alex Tatum – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Crystal Adams – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Melissa Gonzalez – Faye Arnold Scholarship
2014-15 Brittany Allen – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Alexis Robinson – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Lena Loeshner – Faye Arnold Scholarship
2016-17 Chilai Yang – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Terra Fitch – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Mary E. Fernandez – Silent Auction Scholarship
Heather Hottinger – Silent Auction Scholarship
2017-18 Kirsten Reid – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Vanessa Villarreal – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Keila Cabrera – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Amber Edwards – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Traci Johnson – Silent Auction Scholarship
Kay Ann Housdan – Silent Auction Scholarship
Kelsey Fincher – Silent Auction Scholarship
Jennifer Stephens – Silent Auction Scholarship
2018-19 Bryce Miller – Graduate Scholarship
Allie McCort – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Vinh Dao – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Kylie Ennis – Silent Auction Scholarship
Jacey Rodatz – Silent Auction Scholarship
Chelsey Breed – Silent Auction Scholarship
Vanessa Logos – Silent Auction Scholarship
Christina Gault – Silent Auction Scholarship
2019-20 Daniel Childers – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Reanna Harderson – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Alajah Crowe Walker – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Jody Hodges – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Wendy Bolton – Faye Arnold Scholarship
Kristin Price – Silent Auction Scholarship
Abby Biggs – Silent Auction Scholarship
2020-21 Daniel Childers – Graduate Scholarship
Mollie Tanner – Graduate Scholarship
Abby Biggs – Martha Wilbers Scholarship
Heather Proctor – Martha Wilbers Scholarship