President’s Message

This year has been one for the history books. Experiencing my first ever pandemic has been extremely challenging to say the least. We are constantly faced with new rules that seem to change with each passing day. These obstacles not only affect us in our personal lives, but professionally as well. My ability to help others face these changes in healthcare is multi-faceted.

As I assume this role, I commit to increasing my knowledge and understanding of how our current political, cultural and health related environments impact HIM by review of professional journals and regulatory resources, as well as participating in strong professional networks and the expertise of HIM professionals and others in healthcare.

Second, I am committed to understanding each change and conveying to ArHIMA members why the change is necessary. In doing this I will express what the desired outcome looks like, the steps required to implement these changes, any potential barriers that may exist, openly welcome any feedback and opinions, then disseminate this information back to our CSA members.

Finally, and above all, I am dedicated to help define the measures of success required to ensure we have successfully faced these changes and implemented processes that meet the regulatory and legislative requirements.

Someone once said, “be the change you want to see.”  I want to help my colleagues take on these changes and encourage us all to be advocates for our facilities and CSA’s in the ever-changing healthcare world.  I will strive to pass this vision on through my work with ArHIMA not just today, or my time as president, but indefinitely in the near future.