President’s Message

It is with a profound sense of humility that I accept the honor of becoming ArHIMA’s President for the 2021-2022 term.  I am grateful to Lisa Daniels for her leadership during this challenging past year as we navigated the pandemic along with many of the other ArHIMA volunteers.  I, like some of you, have felt a little naïve in thinking we would be back to normal in a couple of weeks in March of 2020.  We can be sure there will be many more demanding days ahead of us.

I have had the privilege of volunteering both on the ArHIMA’s program committee, secretary and as President Elect.  That experience gave me an enduring respect for the caliber of the ArHIMA volunteers and for the essential work they do.  Those lessons that I learned will help guide my approach with our CSA.  I view this leadership as payment on the debt that I owe to our association that has given me so many opportunities in health information management.

We will continue to build off a pandemic year led by our past president, Lisa Daniels, in increasing knowledge of how our current political, cultural and health related environments impact HIM.

And with that, three priorities will guide my time as President.

  1. Advocate for our profession
  2. Mentorship
  3. Volunteerism

AHIMA has replaced Engage with Access.  View the new communities.  Find out what is going on in our profession.  Many of us miss the opportunities to network with other members in person.  Even yet, I encourage each of you to reach out and connect/network with other members through the ArHIMA Access Community and find out what is going on in their busy world.  Learn about the challenges, purpose, and daily workload they have in their careers.  Also find a mentor to help guide you to your next professional goal. Do you remember someone that has changed the path of your life?  Above all, please take the time to look at committee volunteering opportunities at ArHIMA.  There is another aspect to volunteering that we often overlook, and it is the opportunity to learn from others that will help develop you as a leader.

On a personal note, through our CSA, I have gained wonderful friendships, along with trust and laughter.  I now call them my Arkansas cousins.  Remember, our actions matter in helping shape the future of our profession.

Tina Cikanek, MBA, RHIA, CCS