President’s Message — June 2024

Bryce Miller, MSHI, RHIA

Dear ArHIMA Members,

As my term as president comes to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared over the past year. It has been a privilege to serve as your president and witness the dedication and passion that each of you bring to the health information profession. I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for the incredible progress we’ve made together within the Arkansas Health Information Management Association (ArHIMA).

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to all our members for your continued support and engagement. Your participation in our events and initiatives is what makes ArHIMA such a dynamic and vibrant organization. I also want to extend a huge thank you to our outgoing board members for their hard work and commitment. Your efforts have helped shape ArHIMA into the thriving community it is today. Together, our commitment to advancing health information practices across our state is the cornerstone of our association’s success.

Over the past year, our focus on fostering a sense of community through member engagement has yielded outstanding results. The feedback from our recent membership survey was both insightful and inspiring. Your voices have been heard, and we are diligently working to address your needs and enhance our community’s vibrancy and support for health information professionals in Arkansas.

Our advocacy efforts have also been robust. We continue to engage actively with legislative developments and industry updates to ensure that the perspectives and interests of ArHIMA members are well-represented at both regional and national levels.

One of our most significant achievements this year was the successful 2024 ArHIMA Conference held from April 10th through the 12th. The conference was a resounding success, featuring an array of informative sessions, engaging speakers, and invaluable networking opportunities. The positive feedback from attendees reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality professional development and continuing education for our members.

As we look forward to the future, I am excited about the events and initiatives we have in store. We remain dedicated to bringing you programs and resources that are both innovative and relevant to the evolving landscape of health information management.

As I pass the torch to our incoming president, I am confident that ArHIMA will continue to grow and thrive. Together, we have accomplished so much, and I know that the future holds even greater things for our organization. Thank you once again for allowing me the privilege of serving as your president. I look forward to continuing to support ArHIMA in the years to come. Thanks!


Bryce Miller, MSHI, RHIA
2023-2024 ArHIMA President